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26-Jun-1999, 15:16
I have been looking for a small 210 mm lens for use on a 4X5 wood field camera. I primarily use 4X5 Velvia for landscape photography and will at times carry the outfit with me when backpacking. I don't have a very large budget at this time( $150-$200). I know this budget eliminates modern view lens from the major 4 lens companies. I presently use a 90mm Angulon 6.8 that cost me $125 and have been p leased with the performance and size of this lens for my application. I have bee n looking for an early Schneider 210 convertible but everyone seems to want $300 plus for this type of lens. What classic or brand-X lens do you recommend for m y budget and application?

Doremus Scudder
26-Jun-1999, 15:34
Ron, I have been using an older Kodak "Ektar" 203mm f7.7 in my field kit for years now and am more than satisfied. It is a coated lens, very small and compact and extremely sharp. I believe it is one of the best lenses in its class ever made. There is enough coverage for modest movements and my old Kodak flashmatic shutter just keeps going (it has a bi-pole flash connection and X and M sych). The only minor problem I had was finding an adapter to fit filters to it since the front element is small and an unusual size. I had a machinist make a slip-on step up adapter early on and have been completely satisfied. This lens compares well with my others: Schneider 90mm and 135mm Super Angulons, and a Nikkor M 300mm f9. I'm sure the Kodak can be had for a reasonable price. Check out the lens test results on this site and see if you don't agree. Regards, ;^D)

Richard Fish
26-Jun-1999, 21:11
As it happens, there are two Kodak 203's up on the LF section of EBay right now. I agree that they are very sharp, small and may be had for a reasonable price.