View Full Version : Anyone rekognize this shutter?

20-Apr-2013, 11:56
Anyone that rekognize this shutter and have a Picture of how it should look like?
I have an old wooden camera that i'm going to restore.
The woodwork is no problem but i know nothing about shutters.
Thanks in advance

Steven Tribe
20-Apr-2013, 12:59
A picture of the camera might help, especialy if there is a name on the camera - like NORKA.

20-Apr-2013, 13:10
There are no makers mark on the camera. My guess it's that someone built himself.
Here are a couple of pics. My guess it's a camera obscura or pinhole camera. It's very simple built.

Jim Noel
20-Apr-2013, 14:41
The shutter also leads me to think it is home built, and very well done.
The picture of the camera indicates it may have been built as a wet plate, or tintype camera. the stains are what lead me to this thought.

Steven Tribe
20-Apr-2013, 14:50
Does the leather shroad conceal a reflex screen?
I think this may be a special purpose camera like itinerant sheet photographer's camera.

21-Apr-2013, 01:23
There are no reflex screen under the leather, but it might have been. I will remove the leather and rub it in with some grease
so i will see better after that.
The plates are 4*5 inch and holds a glassplate of some kind. (pic1)
There is a Winston finder unfortunately the glass is broken so i have to replace that.937249372593726