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David Aimone
19-Apr-2013, 15:37
I did a search here, didn't find the answer, and it's probably simple.

I just received a Polaroid 505 back and I have some compatible Fuji film on order. Looking at the back (that I'll use on my Chamonix 4x5), will it be self-evident how to load and use the film and back? Or can anyone point me in the direction of instructions? I've never used one before...



David R Munson
19-Apr-2013, 15:45
Unless you found 4x5 pack film (FP100C45), you're going to need a 405 back to use with the Fuji FP100c pack film.

Loading the back is pretty straightforward. Unwrap the film, put it in the back (only goes in one way), close and latch, then pull out the paper. The leader for the first sheet should then stick out of the back, ready to go.

David Aimone
19-Apr-2013, 15:49
Thanks, that was a typo. It's a Polaroid 405 back! So I remove the dark slide before taking the photo, then pull the leader to take the sheet out, and the next is ready to go?

David R Munson
19-Apr-2013, 15:55
Oh good, yes, you have the right back then.

But yeah, close and cock the shutter, pull the dark slide, expose the film. Usually best to replace the darkslide and remove the back from the camera before processing the film, just so you don't inadvertently move the camera. You'll pull out the leader, which will pop out the film tab. Pull that one out like you're pulling a bow string (smooth motion, straight back), and you're good to go. Wait the whatever number of seconds and peel apart.

David Aimone
19-Apr-2013, 15:59
Thanks! The film should be here tomorrow or Monday. I'll give it a try. Should be more "realistic" than the Impossible project film that I have for an old Polaroid Spectre. That's nice for certain effects, but not for everyday use.

David R Munson
19-Apr-2013, 16:01
Plus, you can actually clear the negative half of the film, too. (If you're motivated enough to tape it face-down to a surface then use jellied bleach to strip the black stuff off!)

David Aimone
19-Apr-2013, 16:07
jellied bleach? interesting... I'll have to do some more research on that part of the process....

David R Munson
19-Apr-2013, 16:10
Jellied bleach, aka toilet cleaner. Easier to control than regular bleach.

Jan Normandale
24-Apr-2013, 00:49
about the negative David mentioned above... here's a how to on you tube... : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7diQfXiTfBg&list=PL6B602E240CE431E1&index=109

sanchi heuser
24-Apr-2013, 02:30
This video shows all you need to load a Polaroid 405 holder:


In the video a Polaroid 667 film is used. It's the same with Fuji FP-100c (also Fuji FP-100b and Fuji FP-3000b).
Keep the rollers clean and have a lot of fun.

David Aimone
24-Apr-2013, 06:45
Thanks everyone. Very informative. Now I'm just waiting for the film to arrive from B&H. Strange, I usually get their orders the next day, this one is taking a week for shipping...