View Full Version : 5 x 8 Developing Tank?

19-Apr-2013, 14:20
I have a 5x8 Chamonix view camera which I love to use. Everything is right about it EXCEPT what a pain it is to process B&W negatives. As I see it I can either use the huge Jobo Expert tanks that are really made for 8x10, or tray process. Does anyone know if the Jobo 3006 will work with 5x8" film, or is there some other tank out there that I haven't found? Ideas?

Ed Shotwell

19-Apr-2013, 18:22
I develop my 5x7 and 8x10 film in Cibachrome 8x10 Mark II processing drums on a roller base. It works great, uses little chemistry, and produces very even development. 5x8s would work no problem. The only downside is you have to process one sheet at a time, but my shooting volume is low in these formats so it hasn't been an issue. This set-up is a very affordable alternative to the JOBO options.


Daniel Stone
20-Apr-2013, 00:44
You can use a Job 3010 drum. It's designed to process (10) 4x5 negatives, but can also work well to process (5) 5x8 negatives instead.

They are on the used market regularly for $300-$500 depending on cosmetic/functional condition, and also depending on what a seller is asking vs. what a buyer is willing to spend :p

You might try placing a WTB ad here in the classifieds section, there might be a member here who has one for sale.