View Full Version : Agfa Ansco camera for wet plate

Kris Bochenek
19-Apr-2013, 07:25
Hi, I am trying to buy an Agfa Ansco 5x7 camera. It comes without a lens or plate holder. My main objective is to use it to try out wet plate process, and this camera looked like a good deal. Few questions come in mind. Where and what kind of lens would I need? (I am thinking just barrel lens) for this format, and is there a wet plate holder available for this camera?. I found one on ebay it measures 5x7 outside, but I dont know if it will fit. I don't know if Agfa made smaller format cameras as well. Please help.

19-Apr-2013, 07:33
Hi, that camera will work great. Any 5x7 holder should work, but buy a plastic one, like a Lisco. Then research how to cut the inner divider out, to hold you plates. There are several posts in several places. If you will use natural sunlight, most lenses would work, get one with a working iris, in barrel, like a F4.5 Tessar. If you are in a nothern latitude, with less UV light, or trying to shoot with artificial, the faster lenses would be better, like an F3.8 Petzval. Also check Collodion.com

Kris Bochenek
19-Apr-2013, 07:51
Thank you that sounds prominsing. I will look into the plastic holder.

21-Apr-2013, 12:21
this article show how you can convert a film holder for wet plate.
I also make holders just for wet pate. i dont have one for 5x7 right now but will soon.