View Full Version : Does anyone process 5 5X7 sheets in expert 3010 drum?

Jim Galli
3-Jun-2004, 07:31
Obviously they will fit OK. If you are doing this or have done so un-successfully what were the problems encountered? I know JOBO doesn't reccomend it. Why not? Does anyone have a 3004 to sell me for my 7X11 film?

Pete Caluori
3-Jun-2004, 07:36
Hi Jim, I don't shoot 5x7, but I occassionally process some for a friend. I'll usually throw it into a 3005 drum and process it with my 8x10's, but I have also done some in the 3010. I've never seen any sort of problem, but then I've only done about 20-30 sheets. Good luck!

Regards, Pete

Steve Baggett
3-Jun-2004, 15:45
I've processed about 150-200 sheets of 5x7 in a 3010 over the past 3 years. All were "masks" of some sort for 4x5's and were FP4 or Kodak ortho. Never had any problems whatsoever.