View Full Version : Focusing computer in Horseman LX-C how to use it

19-Apr-2013, 00:48
Hi Everyone

This is my first post and I've been trying to find any informations about this subject. Unfortunately I couldn't so perhaps someone can give me a clue. I have a Horseman 45 lx-c, got this from my friend for very cheap price. Ho told me, that this model has a digital focusing computer, but he never use it. In the mater of fact, there is still foil stick on front panel. But I have started dig deeper and occur, that this is quite handful tool. The only problem what I have is lack of manual and I must confess I have no idea where to put battery and how really use it. So my tiny request, can anyone help me, give me some hints how to load battery and how to use it. Many thanks. Btw love this forum and really admire your gentleman knowledge

Richard Raymond
19-Apr-2013, 08:28
Here are 4 pages from the User Manual which explain the use of the computer

20-Apr-2013, 02:09
Thank you so much. I've been trying to find this for a while.