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17-Apr-2013, 02:31
hello from Portugal

I have followed this forum for years, but now i have made ​​my register as a member. I'm been using Lg format photography applied in/for the Historical Archives (I'm the kind of photographer Documentalist ... if that exists!), for pratical reasons, in my profissional work i have adopt almost completely the medium format and reduce the use of the Sinar to some personal projects...
I know that I will continue to learn from you, maybe I can help someone too...
I'm based in Lisbon, I wonder if there are many Portuguese colleagues here ... i have noticed one or two

Greetings to all

I would like to apologize for my English, any correction is welcome and i hope do not "offend" anyone in the process.
I also apologize for the silly nickname but usually i only think in these things when I'm filling the form...

Armin Seeholzer
17-Apr-2013, 03:06
Lissabon is a wonderfull city and a warm welcome here from one which lives in Sinar land. I think your english is even better then mine! But mine is quite worse!
Show us some pics of your city;--)))

Cheers Armin

18-Apr-2013, 02:09
tank you Armin.
Yes we have some great cities and a great weather to, but even that, pay some kind of tax now...
when i have the time i'll post some photos... sadly i'm don´t have large format photos of the city...
cheers António

18-Apr-2013, 05:18
hello :)

18-Apr-2013, 14:47
Hello fellow contry man!:)