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Diane Maher
2-Jun-2004, 06:46
I recently shot my first Fuji Acros Quickloads. Is there any trick to getting the film out of the package to develop it?

Peter Galea
2-Jun-2004, 07:22
If you're right handed, hold the envelope in your left thumb and index finger near the notch at the top. With your right hand on the metal clip pull straight away, the "leader", film and clip should slide out easily. I struggled with the first few until I realized I was holding the envelope either to tightly or too far down.

Ralph Barker
2-Jun-2004, 09:24
Here's what the whole internal assembly looks like:


There are two ways of approaching the process of removing the film from the packet - either removing the clip first, or removing the whole film "assembly" from the packet before removing the clip and thin leader at one end, and the larger polygon of leader at the other. After trying both methods, I think it's easier to remove the metal clip first, slide off the packet, and then remove the leader strips. Holding the whole film packet as Peter describes, grasp the clip near the far side, thumbnail under the clip, and simply pull/pry that end of the clip off the packet, with the direction of motion in line with the film surface.

You can feel at the edge of the film where the leaders are attached. They remove easily by holding the film and pulling the leader away at right angles. Remember, there's a leader at both ends of the film.


Obviously, the operation should be done with a bit less light than depicted here. ;-)

Diane Maher
2-Jun-2004, 10:20
Okay. Do I just tear away the outer paper? Perhaps it would be a good idea to try this in the light with a sheet so I can see what I'm doing? (Not my first choice.)

mark blackman
2-Jun-2004, 11:49
Diane, hello, nice to meet you over here! Ralph has given you good instructions above, but I think there's nothing wrong with a bit of hands-on experience. If you can bear it, try sacrificing one of the unexposed sheets, you will then see how they work. The first time I did this I had the dis-assembled package in front of me as I worked in the changing bag.

Try & image how the film works in the holder (plastic strip held in place as you withdraw the envelope) and do the same.

Ralph Barker
2-Jun-2004, 12:39
Diane, once the clip is removed, the whole film/leader assembly can be pulled from the paper sleeve by gripping the small leader at the clip end, and gently pulling the opposite end of the paper sleeve, holding it at one of the corners where there is no leader. (Note the angle cut on the corners of the large leader shown above.) If the paper sleeve is held in the center, you'll also be gripping the leader at that end.

Bobby Black
2-Jun-2004, 16:09
Not to shanghai the thread or anything, but does the above advice apply in theory to Kodak Readyloads?

Anyway, thanks Ralph for posting the pics. That's really helpful.