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16-Apr-2013, 01:46

I recently got a pack of Efke 25, but accidentally took a picture with the light meter set at 50. Did I ruin the shot or is there anything I can do during development to fix it. Also, the Efke box does not state the development time. I am using D23 stock I would appreciate if anyone one can tell me how long I need to develop Efke.


16-Apr-2013, 01:57
That's fine it's 25 ISO in Tungsten lighting, 50 EI in daylight I use it at the same speed as Tmax100 and develop for the same times. I'd try 10mins in stock D23 @ 20C as a starting point.


16-Apr-2013, 03:33
I got perfect negatives but with Rodinal 1:50, 20C and 9,30min. I recommend to use destilled water and gentle rinsing (also agitation). My personal EI for Efke 25 is 12iso. But I used to underexpose it a liitle when shot in strong light, you have to be careful with highlights which get fast burened out, so not too long development. I also resigned from using hardener after my test showed it brings more white spots/pinholes. Using destilled water also reduced them.

16-Apr-2013, 04:41
this won't help you for d-23 but will for many other developers: http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php

16-Apr-2013, 05:36
I also need help in obtaining the ideal 20 deg temp. Room temp is around 26 to 30 deg here in Islamabad, so my dev and fixer are also at around 26 which I believe is too high, any Idea how I can bring the temp down the chemicals are stored in brown glass bottles.


16-Apr-2013, 05:57
is there something wrong with the results your getting?
got ice cubes?

16-Apr-2013, 08:09
How do I use ice cubes? Won't they dilute the chemicals.

Light Guru
16-Apr-2013, 08:56
How do I use ice cubes? Won't they dilute the chemicals.

You don't put the ice into your chemicals you put your chemical container into a bowl of ice water.

Dave Gesell
16-Apr-2013, 11:25
To keep my chemicals from warming up too much in the summer, especially when doing more than one processing run in a session, I keep pre-measured plastic bottles of chemistry in a medium sized picnic cooler and add 68 to 70 water until just before the bottles want to float. As the water warms I'll put in an ice pack to bring it back down. The Patterson tank sits in the water between agitation cycles as well. If I had glass bottles I could use more water in the cooler, which would make the temperature of the water jacket more stable. I don't have air conditioning and it's not uncommon for the air temperature in my apartment to be a humid 28C for much of July and August.