View Full Version : Canham spring back?

15-Apr-2013, 12:34
So, I'm building an 8x10 camera and have considered several options for keeping the gg frame in place.
Canham's 8x10 and larger looks simple and compact compared to others but I need some close up pics with a holder installed and with the frame removed (if it comes off) from the back. What kind of springs are in there?

Gem Singer
15-Apr-2013, 13:33

Ask Keith Canham. He's always happy to help out. The spring arms he uses on his camera backs are complicated affairs.

Keith's cell phone number is shown on his website- www.canhamcameras.com

16-Apr-2013, 06:19
Yeah, I hear he's a nice guy but I'm sure he's busy and doesn't want to take the time to snap pix of a camera he's not selling me.