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15-Apr-2013, 05:20
Hi Guys,

I've built a 6 x 17 using a Polaroid 110 as the chassis. I'll do a write up once I've got a few details finished.

Anyway just looking for any experience with the various viewfinders - I only need 150mm focal length as AFAIK there's Da Yi, Shen Hao and Fotoman ones available. This list isn't exhaustive, any others I should consider?

I've read that one amongst the above list was a nice clear image and another was blurry, but I don't remember which is which

The Linhof Multi Focal whilst gorgeous is a little larger than I'm after.

peace out


15-Apr-2013, 07:24
Do not underestimate how very accurate a wire-frame finder can be, especially with particularly wide views.

Lachlan 717
15-Apr-2013, 13:23
I had a Chinese zoom one (72mm through to 150mm).

Hopeless. It just masked down the angle of view with these stupid metal "wires" projecting into the field of view...

15-Apr-2013, 13:49
I have one of the fixed length Gaoersi ones I got hold of cheap, built for 90mm but I think they do different lengths. Its basic but solid and it works, and is smaller than the zoom types. Mine was for 4x5 but you can take the mask out and cut your own out of card if you need a different format to what's available.

Bob Salomon
15-Apr-2013, 14:46
The Linhof Multifocus does not do 617. However, Linhof makes 617 finders for the Linhof Technorama 617 SIII. They are available for 72, 90, 110, 180 and 250mm versions. Sorry, not 150mm.

16-Apr-2013, 02:34
Thanks Guys,

a bit more info, the 110 Polaroid I've used has the flip up viewfinder and wire frame which I've kept. Only issue with that setup is that it isn't wide enough for the 150mm on 6 x 17, losing too much of the frame ends.

The polaroid 110a has the viewfinder housing with separate rangefinder & viewfinder windows, the 110B has one combined rangefinder and viewfinder window.

Something I have been astonished by is the accuracy of the Kalart rangefinder - it took quite a bit of fiddling and adjustment to get it right, but it's more repeatably accurate that focusing on the ground glass and FAST.


I've got a wider lens from a salvaged point and shoot camera, but no way to cut it to square to fit the existing viewfinder parts.
I struck out at the local optometrists - suggestions?

Also I am planning on using the wireframe.
How do pure wireframe finders do for such a setup? What I mean by that, the wireframe finders with a small hole that you peep through at the back and no glass/optical components?

I'm going to see if I can track down a Gaeorsi 6 x 17 for 150mm focal length.

peace out