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14-Apr-2013, 10:42
I need some specific measurements of the current camera (carbon fiber base model). Email me thru my website or pm me your email if you're willing to help with a few minutes of your time.



16-Apr-2013, 16:35
I've gotten some help but so far not from any owners of the CURRENT model 8x10 with carbon fiber square base.
Here are the specs I could still use for anyone who has a set of calipers, etc.

Lead screw diameter. Is the lead screw left handed (turning left shortens bellows)like the 4x5 chamonix or right handed. I'm having a hard time finding left handed Torqspline style screws which are stainless steel.

thickness of bellows frames?

Height of front standard uprights.

I could also use a pic of the rear standard with the back removed.

17-Apr-2013, 04:13
Vinny - So what are you doing, contemplating building your own Chamonix 8x10? Why not, Chamonix and their neighbor Shen Hao have been "borrowing" design ideas for years! Don't see why somebody with a little ingenuity couldn't do so themselves... And I don't mean that in a derogatory way as I own or have owned several of these cameras (not a Chamnoix 8x10 though) and I think they are excellent designs....(I have no idea if building a camera from scratch is what you're doing, just sayin'.)

But what I was going to say was, It's usually not too difficult or expensive to get parts like the one you're talking about made to order. If you have a local - or even not so local - Job Shop machine shop you can contact, you might be surprised at the stuff they can do and for not too much money. You might have to shop around on the internet a little, but something like a 'box thread lead screw', similar to what you're talking about is a relatively easy part to make.

I do this all the time for other stuff related to my day job and some of these smaller shops are hungry and might surprise you at what they're capable of. Just a suggestion....

17-Apr-2013, 08:01
Left hand screws here and there is a link to their standard and fast travel nuts.

17-Apr-2013, 09:35
Left hand screws here and there is a link to their standard and fast travel nuts.

standard lead screws aren't what I'm looking for and that's not what chamonix cameras use.

Cletus, The part I need is about $20 but just not available in left-handed stainless steel.

17-Apr-2013, 12:29
I would love to get any of this info as well. I am currently working on designing and then building an 8x10 chamonix model camera from milled aluminum. Please either PM or post some of the measurements, and any pictures of the different components.

18-Apr-2013, 08:26
Would be great with some measurements. I have a friend who can build almost anything out of carbon fiber. A carbon fiber 8x10. How cool would that be?

Rob Vinnedge
19-Apr-2013, 09:16

I, too, had great dreams of building large cameras and actually spent over $40,000 to develop a 16x20 film holder as a beginning to a long line of holders and cameras. An extended divorce curtailed any plans to move beyond a very fine prototype. I have drawers full of custom-made miniature screws, hinges, and carbon fiber parts. I have reams of CAD drawings and spec sheets from parts suppliers and manufacturers. I have discovered that anything can be made with the proper resources, and I greatly enjoyed the process, as I found it to be a highly creative endeavor. Eventually, though, I realized that I really only wanted to photograph with ULF cameras, not go into business selling them. I now own a Chamonix 8x10 and am saving to buy their 16x20 with a 14x17 reducing back. I have also purchased their very fine 4x5 for a friend of mine. I can tell you that they are simple, highly functional, and quite beautiful cameras. The price is very reasonable for the quality, and Hugo Zhang is a very responsive and attentive Chamonix dealer.

I wouldn't dream of advising you to reconsider your plans, because it is really fun to make something, but if you are planning to manufacture for the public, be prepared to spend lots of money and time.

Just my two cents.

Rob Vinnedge

19-Apr-2013, 09:44
thanks Rob,
I like their cameras too and almost got one used (I could afford it) but instead got a mill and a bunch of parts. I know Hugo personally and he's very helpful as well as a nice guy. I'm not planning to make cameras for the public.

Alan Gales
19-Apr-2013, 10:03
Vinny, if the camera comes out as nice as your birdhouses then everyone will be wanting one! :cool:

23-Apr-2013, 07:55
Vinny, if the camera comes out as nice as your birdhouses then everyone will be wanting one! :cool:
thanks! those birdhouses were a lot of work.
This camera will have red bellows and may end up with black framework as well, so not far off:)

Can someone with a chamonix 8x10 send me a pic of the rear standard with the back removed? I'm building my own bellows frames (already have dimensions) and want to have the option of using Chamonix bag bellows in the future if necessary.

10-May-2013, 12:43
Several have offered to help but just don't follow through..........
still looking for a pic of the back removed, and measurements of the bellows frames (just to varify that the ones I have are correct). Please?