View Full Version : Can I process Tri-x 320 4x5 like I process Tri-x 400 120 film?

David Aimone
13-Apr-2013, 19:29
I process Tri-x 400 (shot at 1600) for portraits in Rodinal for 25 minutes at 68 degrees fahrenheit, agitating 10 seconds a minute for the first 10 minutes, then 10 seconds at 15 and 20 minutes each.

Anyone know if a similar approach with work with tri-x 320 4x5" film? I know the best thing is to try it, but I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow and may take a few of those images and try processing a few sheets this way if the general consensus is that something decent enough to scan will come out. Are the two films pretty similar?


Daniel Stone
13-Apr-2013, 19:48
shoot a few "warm-up" pictures first before things get serious, that way you have some "extras" that might work well :)

experimentation is the key to developing according to what YOUR style/need dictates.

best of luck,

Bill Burk
13-Apr-2013, 22:45
I don't know how to get 1600 from any film... So I can't give specific advice that I know would work.

But if you shoot at 1600 all the time, you might as well work the way you are accustomed.

You can shoot tomorrow and test later.

After you get back you can setup some controlled test shots, develop them to dial in your processing... Then develop tomorrow's live shots after you've solved the process.