View Full Version : Synchro Compur 00 with F8 90mm angulon

ronald lamarsh
1-Jun-2004, 18:37
I already checked a previous thread on this but I seem to have a slightly newer or different compur oo. The question is holding the shutter open for focusing: on my shutter there is a small green lever that shifts between "M" "X" and "V"! I assume that "V" stands for view. Anyway it won't go there, I sent it to Sk GRimes got it back and it still won't go there even though they said shutter had been repaired. I've e-mailed them about this but not wanting to appear stupid.....is there something i'm missing?

Louis Jensen
1-Jun-2004, 18:56
For the 00 shutters, you have to use a cable release with a lock to look throught the lens, put the shutter on B. X,M, and V are for the flash.

1-Jun-2004, 19:22
ronald -

"V" is for self timer :)

i haven't used mine in a while - i think you have to cock the shutter first, then flip it to "V" and then trip the shutter ...

you probably already know the rest of the drill ...

"m" is for flash bulbs ( *M*agnesium )

"x" is for strobe ( *X*enon)

Ernest Purdum
1-Jun-2004, 19:56
Unless the shutter has, like yours, recently been serviced, it's a good idea not to use these self-timers. They frequently stall, making the shutter unusable. If this should happen, sometimes you can get it going by holding the shutter parallel to your wrist, then rotating your wrist. It can take quite a lot of rotation to work.

ronald lamarsh
1-Jun-2004, 22:41
Much thanks to you all, I thought I might be going crazy?