View Full Version : Photowarehouse Ultrafine 400 b&w film?

Roger Hein
1-Jun-2004, 18:21
I know it's pretty much taken for granted that PW125 is repackaged FP4+ but does anyone know if their 'new 400' might be repackaged HP5+?

2-Jun-2004, 06:42
I talked to the Customer Service rep just the other day while checking on an order. He just wouldn't commit to saying it was, but didn't deny it either. Their Ultrafine 400 bulk roll film acts and responds to development times like HP5+.

tim atherton
2-Jun-2004, 09:34
Are they doing the 400 in sheets now?

Roger Hein
2-Jun-2004, 15:34
>Are they doing the 400 in sheets now?

yes: http://store.ultrafineonline.com/ulbw400isosh.html

tim atherton
23-Oct-2004, 22:02
I notice PhotoWarehouse has Ultrafine 400 plus and Ultrafine 400.

The sheet film is "just" the 400 (not plus)

the UF plus dev times correspond to HP5+ . Anyone know what film the Ultrafine 400 is?