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Kirk Gittings
1-Jun-2004, 13:49
I went to Las vegas on a commercial shoot not expecting to do any personel work and ran across a very interesting petroglyph site east of Laughlin. I had no 4x5 film or even holders with me as I do my commercial work in 120. So for the drive back I picked up some Acros readyloads and a holder and made some images at the site with completely untested film. I exposed it at a guestimated ISO of 80.

I need a starting point to do some testing of Acros in BTZS tubes with various developers at various times before I develope the real film. Any experience out there?

Larry Gebhardt
1-Jun-2004, 14:14
Try 6 minutes in Ilford DD-X 1+9 at 24C. This gives me a CI of about .5 in my Jobo, which prints nicely on a grade 2 paper. I usally shoot it at 64 and it works nicely.

Walter Glover
1-Jun-2004, 14:39

Phil Davis published dev times for processing most film/developer combinations in BTZS tubes. The only one I have readily at hand is for Xtol 1+1. At 70 I use 7:50 and rate the stock at EI 80.

I am about to use Acros Quickloads for a project I'll be shooting abroad and will do my own tests prior to that - but it is a starting point.

Lawrence Francis
1-Jun-2004, 14:49
I have Phil's latest library of film curves and he suggest for Contrast Index 0.52 @ 70 deg F as follows: DDX @ 1:6 = 7.0 min; or Xtol @1:1 = 6.5 min

Michael Jones
3-Jun-2004, 07:58
Kirk (and others):

Please go here for info.


Additionally, you could email Phil and likely get the question answered. Good luck.


Kirk Gittings
3-Jun-2004, 17:16
I appreciate the help!