View Full Version : Kodak Oxygen Scan Software 2.6.4 for Creo Scanner

10-Apr-2013, 08:22
Good Morning,

I'm trying to find out if there is any updated Kodak software for the Creo Scanner to be able to function on Mac running Mountain Lion.

Thanks in advance

8x10 user
10-Apr-2013, 09:55
Call Ryan Newton 270 945 8352

11-Apr-2013, 06:41
I don't think it will run passed snow leopard! You have to have older OS (snow leopard or older)

John Brady
11-Apr-2013, 09:25
It's a pain in the ass but you can set your mac up to dual boot. That was my solution until I purchased the new macbook pro retina to use as my main system and use my macpro to sit as a stand alone and operate my IQ smart 2. I upgraded my Oxygen one time to operate with what was at the time new OS. The cost was $1000 for the upgrade and there were no other additional features in the upgrade. Total rip off.

I am running 2.6.3 and it is compatible with mac osx 10.5. I'm not sure if they ever came out with a newer upgrade. I'm not sure if Creo still exists as it was a Kodak company at the end? Maybe someone here can answer that?


George Pappas
13-Apr-2013, 03:01

The issue here is that oxygen requires a feature in Mac OSX called rosetta that allows software designed for original PPC Macs to run on newer Intel chipset Macs. Oxygen was designed and written for older PPC Macs.

Apple discontinued the rosetta feature starting with Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. This means that OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard is the last version of OSX that runs the Oxygen software. I keep my old quicksilver Mac, OSX 10.4 around to run my Creo IQSmart2. The scanning process does not require a lot of processor speed as it is restricted by the physical movement of the scanner. You can also configure a dual boot system as someone has already suggested.

If you need scanning software or other support, I second Ryan Newton. He is very knowledgeable and reasonable. I purchased my scanner from him and can't say enough good things about him.

The scanner is awesome, by the way.

George Pappas