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9-Apr-2013, 18:39
I shot so far four images with my crown graphic and have two questions.

First, I am opening it to the stops. However it doesn't seem to focus well at infinity...I haven't developed the images but I wonder if I'm missing something? I don't recall that when I shot a graphic at a workshop two weeks ago.

Second Any recommendations on how to carry it around? It didn't come with a hard case but that's not what I'd want anyway just to take it to the park to shoot when I only want the camera, the tripod ad film/place holders.

Thanks in advance!

9-Apr-2013, 19:10
You say you "open it to the stops" for infinity. Have you checked whether the stops are actually set at infinity, or are you assuming that when you got the camera you presumed the infinity stops were properly adjusted for the lens you are using. It's not clear whether you know that you adjust the lens standard on the focus rails at the point where infinity is in focus, and then you adjust the infinity stops to that point?? For instance a camera used with more than one lens, would have each lens focused to infinity, and then set a pair of infinity stops for the infinity position of that lens. If you have three lenses you use regularly, you can install and adjust the infinity stops for each lens. Then when you run the lens out to infinity, you find tune focus with the focus knobs using the focus rails.

9-Apr-2013, 19:32
Thanks! I didn't even know that they were adjustable but that makes sence. I'll have to look for a tutorial on how to adjust the infinity stops.. It seems they're locking the lens too far forward.

Alan Gales
9-Apr-2013, 20:38
Thanks! I didn't even know that they were adjustable but that makes sence. I'll have to look for a tutorial on how to adjust the infinity stops.. It seems they're locking the lens too far forward.

You are going to need a very small flat bladed screwdriver. Any hardware store should be able to sell you a set cheap. Just make sure you use the right size or you can booger the screw heads. Each stop has two screws that you need to loosen. Loosen the screws just enough so the stops slide along the rail. Loosen them too much and they will fall out so it would be a good idea to put a towel on a table and do it there so if they do fall out onto the towel they won't get lost. The screws are quite small. Once you have the screws loose, carefully move the stops forward a bit. Move the front standard so the lens is focussed on infinity. Slide the stops back to the front standard and tighten.

I use both a 135mm and 210mm on my Crown. I have two set of stops on my camera, one set for each lens. When I use my 210 lens I fold down the stops for my 135.

9-Apr-2013, 20:45
It's been many, many years since I've used one, so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't adjusting the infinity stops only half the solution? If using the rangefinder, isn't there also a cam that has to be inserted that is dedicated to only that focal length lens so that the rangefinder works properly on closer focus situations? Otherwise, you have to do all of your focusing through the ground glass.

9-Apr-2013, 20:47
I missed on part of the adjustment. Set the rails at the same place on the bed (door) and mark that place as a starting point for setting the infinity stops. That's so that you always have infinity at the same spot every time you open the camera and adjust the focus. If you don't consistently set the moving rail at the same spot on the door, then infinity will be all over the place. Where this may be not necessarily correct is when you are using a very long focal length lens involving infiinity being at a location where the rail is fully extended. Key on this... Infinity focus is on the rails, so the rails must be in the same starting point when you open the camera and slide the front standard to infinity. Hope I made sense on that. Consistency...and fixed repetition.

And Tim from Missouri Lenser is right. If you are going to use the rangefinder that adds a component to the adjustments.

And as Alan mentioned, the upright on the infinity stops folds down so a longer focal length lens can slide OVER the shorter focal length lens stops.

Jim Jones
10-Apr-2013, 05:01
I rack the rails all the way back, set the front standard so a very distant subject is sharply focused on the ground glass, and set the infinity stops to the front standard. Then check the rangefinder at infinity and closer distances. Some technicians have the rails slightly forward from the extreme back position when they set the infinity stops, but this means the focus on distant subjects always has to be checked. Older Speed Graphics have side mounted Hugo Meyer or Kalart rangefinders. See www.graflex.org (www.graflex.org)for instructions on adjusting these. Later Pacemaker series cameras have top rangefinders with interchangeable cams for focusing with different lenses.

10-Apr-2013, 07:56
Since you have some good advise on adjustment of infinity stops and the rangefinder (which will probably cure your ailment)... let me speak to your second question. I store my Graphics in the original hard cases and transport that to the field, where I throw the camera, and flash if necessary, into a very ordinary small-sized backpack to carry to wherever I'm going. Just like any other camera... except bigger and heavier.

Peter York
10-Apr-2013, 10:07
For carrying around, I went to the store and bought 4 keychain rings, 2 for each side of the camera's strap lugs. Then I used a removeable shoulder strap from from a laptop bag. It works very well.

10-Apr-2013, 15:47
http://graflex.org/ may be helpful.

10-Apr-2013, 19:54
Thank you all for the advice! I examined the camera and noticed the left and right stop were set differently and the closer stop was down so I'm going to first test with it up and see how well it's focused before changing anything. I have a set of jewelers screwdrivers so they will come in handy if I need to move the stops

Jim Andrada
10-Apr-2013, 20:18
Are you expecting to use it as a rangefinder camera? if not, just a rough locator is good enough. If you want to use it as a rangefinder camera you'll need to be sure the rangefinder is set up correctly or has the correct cam for your lens.

By the way, the Graphics actually make quite usable rangefinder cameras for hand held shooting. I have 4 or 5 lenses that I use with mine but I only use the standard lens (127mm or 135mm usually) when using it handheld.

11-Apr-2013, 03:09
Thanks Jim. I plan to use the groundglass. Interesting...I only have the one lens now. I should try to rangefinder and see how awkward it is or not to use.

11-Apr-2013, 05:11
I shoot a Crown Graphic or Super Graphic hand-held and find focussing on the ground glass quick and easy, I usually shoot with 2 sometimes 3 lenses so using the rangefinder isn't really an option.

It's worth making sure you have a good bright focus screen, when I compared (and measured) my Crown Graphic was over 3 stops less bright than my Wista, with a new screen and a fresnel it's now just a fraction darker maybe astop but is now very much easier to use.