View Full Version : Portra foil packs light tight?

Serge S
9-Apr-2013, 14:41

I'd like to double check before I open up the box. Is the foil pouch lightproof?

The box of film was stored in the fridge in a plastic bag & is covered with mold (cardboard packaging). I stuck the box in the freezer in the meantime, but would like to get the film out of the box in daylight, so I can avoid the mold & do it soon before it gets farther along.

So can I discard the boxes in daylight and open the foil package in the dark to load?



Drew Wiley
9-Apr-2013, 15:40
What I would do under such circumstances is only open the box in darkness and put the film itself into a small paper safe,
and you can then load your holders at your leisure. It would be a shame if some tiny light leak somewhere spoiled your shots.

Noah A
9-Apr-2013, 15:51
Some people swear the foil is light-tight, but I've checked the corners of the foil envelopes after removing the film (in the dark, of course) and I found pinholes in many of them.

Don't risk it, just go in the dark and transfer the film to a new box.

Serge S
9-Apr-2013, 18:29
Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like the smart thing to do.
No sense in taking chances