View Full Version : ilex 5 universal

1-Jun-2004, 02:24
Hi, can I trigger an ilex 5 universal shutter without electricity?

does it have a flash synchro port?

thank you and best regards, miha

David A. Goldfarb
1-Jun-2004, 05:35
Mine is a completely manual shutter and it has bipole flash sync. You can get a bipole sync cable from Paramount.

Ernest Purdum
1-Jun-2004, 06:33
It sounds as though you have an Ilex Electronic Shutter. Aside from the markings, you can tell the difference because the electronic shutters have two pairs of electrical connections, while the mechanical type has only one pair.

The electronic shutters have only a solenoid inside and are controlled by an external unit. Ilex called this item a "Speedcomputer". They are rather hard to find, particularly the model that works the #5 size, and the cable that goes from control to shutter is even harder to find and not easy to duplicate.

Melles Griot took over the manufacture of these shutters later. Some of them work on differing voltages from the Ilex-made examples.

Several people are working on control units for these shutters and would, no doubt, be happy to share information with you. I think one is now available as a kit.