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8-Apr-2013, 13:55
I'm starting the hunt for a Fujinon W 210/5.6, the old single coated version with the markings inside the filter ring. The version with the 352mm IC to cover 8x10. Someone was just discussing this lens here the other day - It's marked "W S" in the filter ring and mounted in a Seiko shutter, as many of these are.

My question is: Does anyone know whether the lens element threads for the W S version are the same for the W version and can the W S be fitted directly into a Copal 1 shutter? I'm looking at one of these lenses in a Seiko shutter now, but I've heard the Seiko's can get pretty expensive to service and even more expensive to replace, should the need arise. I'd really prefer to get this lens in a Copal shutter in the first place to avoid possible issues.

I just need to know if anyone has any personal experience with this particular lens and whether the threads are the same ('twixt the WS and the W) so it can be directly mounted into a Copal 1 shutter.

I'd also be willing to talk turkey if somebody happens to have a nice copy they'd consider selling! :)

Sal Santamaura
8-Apr-2013, 17:29
I can't help with your question (my 80-degree 210 Fujinon is in a Copal 1). However, heads up: there can be more to this than the threads. I also have an 80-degree 135 Fujinon in a Seiko 0 shutter. Its front and rear elements screw easily into a Copal 0, but the rear cell's "shoulder" is not correctly positioned. Whereas in the Seiko it hits a stop, in a Copal it just keeps on going until hitting the aperture blades.

I don't know whether a similar issue exists with Seiko/Copal 1 transplants. Adam Dau at S.K. Grimes would be your best information source.

8-Apr-2013, 17:56
The Seiko shutter may not be compatible with a Copal 1. I've had a couple of these lenses with Seiko shutters and the threads were different (larger outside diameter and coarser pitch) than a Copal 1.

8-Apr-2013, 20:59
Thanks Sal, Jim for your comments. I didn't think to check with SKG as I'm sure they could provide a definite answer to this question.

Michael Graves
9-Apr-2013, 04:09
I have one Fujinon in a Seiko and I don't recall being charged any more to have a CLA done on that one that on the Copals. Ergonomically, I like the Seiko better and wouldn't mind if they all had one. But that's just me.