View Full Version : Schneider Symmar-S 120mm

Noah B
7-Apr-2013, 16:34
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has experience with this lens on 4x5? I'm thinking about getting one but am a little concerned about front rise and fall (I don't really use much else). My camera is limited to 45mm rise, and 25mm fall. Thanks

7-Apr-2013, 17:57
Well the specs say that lens has a image circle of 173mm, giving only very limited movements on 4x5. The image circle spec may be a little conservative and you may eke out a little more, especially stopped down beyond f/22, but it'll still be fairly limited.

Is there a particular reason you're interested in that lens? Perhaps it's also worth considering other options in that focal length range, for instance the Fujinon-W 125mm (older single coated version) has an image circle of 210mm and the newer multicoated NW and CM-W versions have image circles of 198mm and 204mm respectively. This would allow a lot more freedom for movements while still being small, light and relatively low cost. I personally have the single coated version and it has proved to be a very good lens.

7-Apr-2013, 18:11
I have a 120 APO-Symmar, the non-L version that followed the Symmar-S that has a bit more coverage (179mm listed IC) than the -S, and I run out of coverage with it more often than I'd like, but I have 70/30mm rise and fall. As Michael mentioned, the Fuji has more coverage. Some day I'll get the Fuji and sell my APO-Symmar, but I don't use it as much as I used to, so I'm in no hurry.

Noah B
7-Apr-2013, 18:39
I found one for fairly cheap, only reason why I'm interested :P If I could find a fuji w 125mm I'd probably jump on that. Thanks for the input gents!

8-Apr-2013, 21:41
No problem, I think with a little patience you should be able to pick up one of the Fuji's for a reasonable price. Good luck.

Kevin J. Kolosky
10-Apr-2013, 16:25
If you want that focal length why not just get the super angulon.

10-Apr-2013, 18:51
I have the 125 mm Fuji--if I had only one lens choice for 4x5 then the Fuji 125 mm would be that #1. I also prefer my 60 mm on my Hassy over the 80--so I obviously prefer a tad wider than normal.