View Full Version : Ilex Paragon 375mm

andrea milano
25-Jun-1999, 17:10
Dear Contributors, I just layed my hans on a very nice looking -ILEX PARAGON (No.122) 143/4" 375mm f6,3- completed by a Ilex Universal Synchro No.5 shutter with times between 1sec . to 1/50sec. + B and T. First of all the obvious questions about it, performance, coverage, color perfor mance (sorry I haven't checked if the lens has been described elsewhere on the f orum). I also apologize for asking again somethindg on the synchro contact which has been describet to me as "Browning?????" type it is a common feature on Graf lex cameras. t obviously requires an adapter for use with modern strobes but I h ave only seen such adapter in a shop but the shopkeeper wouldn't separate anothe r ILEX from the adapter to my deep disappointment! The shutter is a self-cocking one, but when using a cable shutter release, as opposed to operate the release- cocking lever, the operating of the shutter becomes somewhat strange because: wi thout the cable it seems to operate just fine you can fire it at will and no pro blems occour, with the cable it "sticks" so to speak and has to be freed manuall y in order to be fired again. Different release cables have different effect on the shutter if the protrusion is limited the shutter won't operate. Other than t hat the shutters and the lens look very nice. Thanks for your help Andrea Milano w.f.p.a.