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6-Apr-2013, 12:57
I have just picked up an old xenar 180mm lens, serial number 2128675 with a red triangle, in a dial set compur #2 shutter.

The glass appears very clean, and the shutter seems to work fine, but it doesn't seem to take 49mm filters. They seem to start in the thread, then jam after about half a turn.

Is the thread non-standard, and can I get an adapter to take normal (modern) filters, or do I need to use series 7 filter adapters with this lens?

Thanks for any advice.


6-Apr-2013, 14:48
My Xenar 180/4.5 is quite a bit younger, S/N in the 6 million range putting it at a c. 1960 birthday. It fits my 49mm Lee adaptor just fine, but I don't have any other 49mm filters to test. They only list the one page with data on this lens: http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/xenar/data/4,5-180mm.html and it says 49x0.75. Could be your filter ring is damaged?

Daniel Unkefer
7-Apr-2013, 08:18
According to some old Burleigh Brooks Schneider literature I have, it is a 62 degree lens, image circle 217mm at f22/inf. Covers 4x5", Shutter EX/CRII (#2), and takes Series 8 filters. I have this lens, in a special Plaubel Auto-Iris version, that came with my Automatic Plaubel Makiflex.

7-Apr-2013, 11:08
Thanks for the info. I'm thinking it may be 49 x 0.5 but don't have a filter of that pitch to checkyet. I'm also going to get a 50.5mm series 7 adapter to try, but I must admit that I hadn't heard of series 8, so i'll look into that as well.


15-Jun-2013, 10:36
It's been a while but I've found this image which may be useful for anyone else wondering what the thread size is:


So I've ordered a 48 - 55mm stepping ring, and the lens can come back out of the draw.


21-Jun-2013, 14:02
Well that didn't fit!

48mm drops straight in and 49mm is to big....back into the draw it goes for now

Daniel Unkefer
22-Jun-2013, 05:46
Serial number 8729216 so aged between 2/1964 and 2/1965. In barrel mount (no shutter) but automatic Plaubel Iris specially made for the Plaubel Makiflex.

Takes a 49mm Tiffen UV and rubber hood with no problems. Maybe your lens barrel front has a dent in it, since it starts to go on and then stops?