View Full Version : panoramic prints from transparencies

30-May-2004, 15:31
Curious to know if anyone has any recommendation for a very good printer, especially in the San Francisco area? Someone who can do high end 30"x80" or so custom color prints? Thanks.

Peter Galea
30-May-2004, 19:05
Try LaserLight in Aptos. www.laslinght.com. Or Peninsula Photographics in San Mateo. http://www.pen-photo.com/

Shane Knight
30-May-2004, 21:50

These guys are the best I have seen for traditional made Ilfochrome and black and white prints.

They are located in Flagstaff, Arizona and ship anywhere.

They do amazing work.

Good luck

Shane Knight ____www.shaneknight.com

Peter Galea
31-May-2004, 08:13
Try http://www.laslight.com. Sorry for the mispelling in my previous post.

Greg Miller
1-Jun-2004, 08:55

1-Jun-2004, 16:43
Thanks everyone! I will follow up on the leads. Sincerely, John