View Full Version : Revolving Back for Toyo 45CF

Larry Huhn
4-Apr-2013, 19:38
I bought a revolving back on eBay that was advertised to fit my Toyo 45CF. I can't see how it could possibly fit but when I look at the Toyo website and B&H Photo's website it appears that there is a back that should work. Does anyone have any information that could help?


Martin Battilana
4-Apr-2013, 20:47
If you could post a photo of your camera, front and back, and also the measurements of the flange on the back that is already on the camera, that would be helpful.

Larry Huhn
4-Apr-2013, 21:17

Larry Huhn
4-Apr-2013, 21:38
Sorry for the confusing image posting. Not sure what I did wrong. Anyway, the back with the gridlines showing is the stock back and the other is the revolving back in question. You can see the revolving back has a flange at the attachment point, and the stock back is flat.

Darren Kruger
4-Apr-2013, 22:37
Are you sure it wasn't for a different type of Toyo? The CF has a back that is easily removable and attaches to the camera in either landscape or portrait orientation.


Larry Huhn
5-Apr-2013, 16:47
The back was advertised to fit the 45CF, but I do not see how it could possibly work. I guess I will be sending it back unless someone out there is interested.