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4-Apr-2013, 12:48


I have a Sinar F4 copal shutter that has a notch/bump on the bottom beside the red dot in the groove that goes all the way around the edge as per the picture
there are also two neoprene strips on the left and right sides in the groove that I guess are to take a bit of play out of the fit
the bump is moulded into the metal and when clipped into my sinar P2 it forces the shutter to sit away from the standard and makes fitting it very hard
its almost as if the frond standard should have a notch for it to go in but looking at the 3 I have on hand none of them do

also I have another shutter that dose not have this feature

anybody got any ideas what its all about ?




Louis Pacilla
4-Apr-2013, 16:04
That just doesn't seem right. Maybe this particular shutter had a special purpose and the notch/bump was meant to fit a particular special purpose process/industrial camera? That may also be why the neoprene is in the groves?

You could have a machinist rout the grove out, I figure SK Grimes could but it but it will probably cost the same as the shutters value. :eek:

Lachlan 717
4-Apr-2013, 16:09
Isn't this the connecting pin that allows DB/DBB mounted lenses to have their aperture controlled?

Louis Pacilla
4-Apr-2013, 16:23
Isn't this the connecting pin that allows DB/DBB mounted lenses to have their aperture controlled?

I think Robin is talking about the perimeter of the shutter where the light trap is formed. There is a 1/2" section at the bottom that is not grooved out.

4-Apr-2013, 16:27
Hi Louis

googling sinar shutters comes up with more pictures of the same so I doubt its that special
the neoprene is shown on the sinar shutter parts list exploded diagram and my other "normal ones have it as well
it would be easy to file down the ridge in the front standard where it locates but I really want to know what its there for

hi lachlan

the thing in referring to is the little grey is line about 1/3 in from the left hand side in the groove that goes around the front edge
which is the same as the groove on the back of a sinar lens board

thanks guys