View Full Version : Quick Focus Lever for Graflex Speed Graphic ?

4-Apr-2013, 01:12
Hello everyone,

I saw a picture from LIFE magazine, those people hand held Graflex Speed Graphic machines with Quick Focus Lever accessories (see picture), never seen this staff mention in user guide or service manual.
Is this came from third party supplier? any information about this?

thanks in advance,


4-Apr-2013, 06:36
wow. nice find! Never seen or heard of those either. Shouldn't be too hard to fab one up though. Small clamp (toothed internally?) with lever arm attached.... Getting the camera to fold up with it installed may be tricky though...

Jim Jones
4-Apr-2013, 07:39
Perhaps the pinion was replaced with one including a quick focus lever that would clear the outside of the camera body when everything was closed up. It takes about 3/4 turn of the focus knob to go from infinity to 6 feet, which might make such a lever awkward. On my 6x9 Busch the focus knobs are pinned to the pinion, which should make adding a focus lever easier.