View Full Version : Schneider Super-Angulon 75mm f/5.6 - aperture scale for copal 0

Mike Fiction
3-Apr-2013, 20:17
I need to calibrate a copal 0 that was originally host to a 150 or 135 that this 75mm is now sitting in
It's a late Schneider Super-Angulon 75mm f/5.6

Can anyone take closeup shots of their aperture scale on a modern copal 0 shutter so I can compare placement - I'm also going to meter through the lens but it would be nice to have a visual aid to see where it normally is compared to the other bits and parts the shutter :)

PM me or e-mail :)

- Michael

Carsten Wolff
5-Apr-2013, 15:49
If it is really from a 150, just read/move the scale by 2 stops: F11 is now f5.6, f16 is now f8 and so on.

Bob Salomon
5-Apr-2013, 16:48
Why not just order a set of scales from Schneider?

Mike Fiction
7-Apr-2013, 12:29
Thanks for the replies - I didn't even think about ordering a set from Schneider! hehe
Sometimes it's easy to overlook the most obvious solution!