View Full Version : 2D, Shutter, Lens, Stand, Backs, Holders on Craigslist

sun of sand
3-Apr-2013, 17:17

Just thought I'd post it. Someone here may want to contact him. $900 may not be a great deal but maybe $750. Don't know what the lens is.

I'm not interested.

Get it before Petronio does.

3-Apr-2013, 17:29
The lens is mostly like tessar.

sun of sand
3-Apr-2013, 20:53
I figured a tessar but I don't know. View cameras don't show up around here too often and one with a stand? Probably 8 years before I see another on craigslist or anywhere else
Rochester/Buffalo/Kodak/B&L/Graflex/Wollensak/Ilex and hardly see this stuff

I have no use for it and as nice as it would be sitting in a corner ..that's an expensive corner.