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Grafic 4X5
3-Apr-2013, 16:15
I have about 20 4x5 sheets of film with three box notches spaced at an equal distance that needs identification. My research thus far has been futile. I am sure it is B&W film. Does anyone have a clue what film this is? Thanks!!!

3-Apr-2013, 16:58
I don't know that one and don't see it on any of my charts. A pic would go a long way in this situation. Sacrifice a sheet.

Grafic 4X5
3-Apr-2013, 17:29
How is this? 92623

3-Apr-2013, 17:56
It looks like Ansco Isopan.



Grafic 4X5
3-Apr-2013, 18:04
Wow, it sure does. Where in the world did you find that listing? Thank you greatly. Now I just got to find the ASA......

Grafic 4X5
3-Apr-2013, 18:12

Thanks guys. I better get out the tripod....

3-Apr-2013, 18:53
Found the image of the film notch codes through some adept Web sleuthing, but I shoot a lot of odd old film and have gotten good at unearthing factoids.

If the original ISO was 50 you may need to rate it at 25 or maybe even 12 considering how old it is. Good luck and post the results!


11-Apr-2013, 22:34
Dupont hi speed pan type 428 also ..

11-Apr-2013, 22:43
Dupont hi speed pan type 428 also ..