View Full Version : color cast issue, 4X5 film C41 process.

3-Apr-2013, 12:29
Hello all,
attached image is of a film processed in C41(at least advertised as) dip-dunk method. Any idea what may have caused the color cast along the edges and portion of the film? Thank you for your help!

5-Apr-2013, 12:38
Mild light fog?

Daniel Stone
5-Apr-2013, 13:10
Looks like insufficient agitation. If a dip-n-dunk machine isn't properly agitated(remember, C-41 development is only 3:15mins as "normal", NOT a long time ;-) ) it is VERY easy to get surge marks and/or mottling.

Can you list your lab used? You might want to tell them about it.