View Full Version : 360mm f/9 Graphic Kowa coverage?

3-Apr-2013, 08:48
Has anyone used this lens on 12x20? There is a 360mm f/9 Graphic Kowa in Copal on eBay, item 390567593492. The lens is said to cover 12x20, does anyone know the actual coverage or image circle of this lens? If the same design 210mm Computar covers 8x10 (13"), are we looking at 40" or so?

3-Apr-2013, 08:55
I have been using a 270mm f9 Computar to easily cover 11x14, if that is of any help. Used it yesterday, in fact.


Lachlan 717
3-Apr-2013, 13:22
I have been using a 270mm f9 Computar to easily cover 11x14, if that is of any help.


My Computar 240mm covers 11x14/7x17.

Not that this will answer your specific question...

4-Apr-2013, 00:41
I will put my 270 graphic kowa I use for 7x17 on my 12x20 (for it, I use a 305 computar) and tell you what happen. It might give you an idea for the 360 mm.
Thierry Moenne-Loccoz.

Tracy Storer
4-Apr-2013, 16:20
I used to have a 360 and it covered 14x17, so it should cover 12x20 as well. However, it does NOT have a 40" circle. That would be 110 degrees. Not a lot of lenses cover 110 deg.

6-Apr-2013, 05:30
I have tested my 270 mm Graphic kowa, it almost cover the 12x20 size but without any mouvement. The 210 SSXL Schneider I have has a much better coverage but I can't use much mouvement if I want to have all the image.
The 305 mm computar I use most often is a real pleasure, the first limitation is the bellow, I think it can easily cover 16x20.
The 360 mm Graphic kowa You have mentionned should cover 12x20 with some mouvements but If you love wide angle and need mouvement, maybe you should look for a 305 computar. They are pretty hard to find but worth the price.
Thierry M.L.