View Full Version : Graphic-Kowa 360mm f/9 coverage?

3-Apr-2013, 05:01
There is a 360mm f/9 Graphic Kowa in Copal on eBay, item 390567593492. The lens is said to cover 12x20, does anyone know the actual coverage or image circle of this lens? If the same design 210mm Computar covers 8x10 (13"), are we looking at 40" or so?

3-Apr-2013, 06:56
I can't answer your question but that's the lens I use on my 8x10, and it's a beautifull lens. I've never run out of movements.

Roger Thoms
4-Apr-2013, 17:54
Here's a link to a thread that includes discussion about the coverage of the 360 Graphic Kowa. http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?10255-The-Computar-lens-and-ULF-coverage/page9


Roger Thoms
6-Apr-2013, 17:23
Check out post #85 in this thread. http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?10255-The-Computar-lens-and-ULF-coverage/page9

There are several other threads here on LFPF that discuss the coverage of the 360 Graphic Kowa. Might be worth doing a search. My understanding is that the 360 doesn't have the coverage that the other focal lengths have. It does seem to be a controversy.


Sorry about the somewhat duplicate post, I'm working 7 days a week right now and I'm a little scattered.

Joe Forks
7-Apr-2013, 05:47
I can definitively say that the copy I had did NOT cover 12x20 at infinity. It was near an inch and half short on each side. Other than that it was a fantastic lens. Great contrast, color, and very sharp. But absolutely does not cover 12x20. Loved it on my 8x10, but sold it because I also had a kowa 305 and no reason to keep both.

neil poulsen
7-Apr-2013, 07:34
Good to check the archives on this lens. It's quite a discussion. As I recall, there can be more than one version of the Graphic Kowa. Is there a return policy for the one on EBay? Two of the main participants were Sandy King and Kerry Thalman.