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3-Apr-2013, 02:33

Second one,

The C.P. Goerz Berlin Rapid Paraplanat II

On this lens i find more info. but i only find an other version of this lens.
As shown here ( i find about 7 references all looks like this lens).

This is my version.

Anyone can place this lens (in time).

Any input and thoughts are very much appreciated.


Steven Tribe
3-Apr-2013, 03:02
The only difference I can find between the Rapid-Paraplanat and the ditto II, is the lack of a brass hood in the II and change in engraving.

It was still being sold up to, and into WWI.
It was sold alongside the Choroskop, which was the budget Goerz landscape meniscus.

Sizes were 1 (efl 15cm) for 9x12cm, 2 (efl 21cm) for 13x18cm and 3 (efl 27cm) for 18x24cm. F7.5.
I believe I have posted a catalogue page with it earlier (advanced search).

It was approx. 2/3 of the price of the equivalent Lynkeioskop series C.

3-Apr-2013, 14:27
The thread is here (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?58711-What-do-you-need-from-a-1910-European-Catalogue&highlight=paraplanat). They're really quite nice lenses. I've found mine covers 8x10, soft in the corners until stopped down but then sharpens nicely. Mine looks rather different and has a 44000-ish serial number so it's probably mid-late 1890s.


3-Apr-2013, 16:49
Are you sure the II is a second version of the lens? I believe it merely denotes that it's the No 2, or 210mm one. Mine, of completely different style, is also marked as II. There's a photo of mine in the other thread.