View Full Version : Removing 14' Ektar from big deardorff board

richard brown
2-Apr-2013, 22:20
Hi everyone.... does anyone know how to remove a commercial ektar 14' lens from a deardorff board. I bought it like that and used it on a deardorff. Sold it to someone in Ottaws and he can't seem
to get it off the board. Any ideas?? It is in a big shutter #5 Universal 9257892579.... thanks for looking and considering answers. Richard

Len Middleton
3-Apr-2013, 03:00

Have you been able to un-thread the shutter from the flange?

When you are able to do that, you should find a flange mounted onto the lensboard by some wood screws. Make sure you keep the flange with the shutter and lens, as they are expensive.

The board itself can also be sold to those of use who use Deardorffs with large lenses.

Hope that helps,