View Full Version : Thumb prints #2

Guy Boily
30-May-2004, 07:40
Thank you all for your priceless feedback. I contacted the dealer in Montreal, L.L.Lozeau, and they suggested that I run a test. I took the 1st, center and the last undeveloped sheet. Next I took the center of each sheet with my thumb and index finger, pressed hard and loaded my holders. I then exposed each sheet as usual with an IR filter plus a white opaque plexiglass to get an even Zone V. All were developed as usual. When dried, I inspected them with my loupe. My prints in the center do not show at all but there are other prints on the edges and sometimes in other areas. So the case is closed, or almost, I am innocent. I rest my case. The person who loaded the box probably had wet hands, it was very hot or had chemicals on his or her hands. These sheets and the rest of the box will be sent to the distributor in Toronto. If you ever have this problem, as rare as it may be, you will know what to do. Thanks again. www.guyboily.com