View Full Version : 13 minute annotated video of making an RA4 print from start to finish.

2-Apr-2013, 15:00
I finally got around to annotating a 13 minute video I produced of me making a 16x20 RA4 print from start to finish. I don't have the roller transport set up any more, now that I have an Epson 9900, so I thought it would be good to share some of the documentation I took on the RA4, colour negative printing process.

It's a little boring because there isn't a voice-over, and I'm not the type to curse & swear as I work, but I annotated it with the tools available in Youtube. It was originally to be a video playing on a screen for a gallery show I was participating in but I didn't have the time to put it together in time for the show.

Here's the video (http://youtu.be/UG48IT-pLk8)

11-May-2013, 15:26
Very nice, thanks for the video.

So you don't print on RA4 anymore?

Did you get rid of the processor?