View Full Version : How old would this Cooke be?

2-Apr-2013, 13:26
Hi all, thanks in advance!

It reads:

Series II
8 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches
Eq. Focus 10.4 inches

No. 26926

Steven Tribe
2-Apr-2013, 13:50
Do a google with Cooke lenses serial number.
The first suggestion will give you the answer (under T,T & H) - and many other similar answers.
It's only Linhof which needs help here.

2-Apr-2013, 18:01
During WWI! Thank you!

Steven Tribe
3-Apr-2013, 04:01
Yes. As you see from the list, there is quite a lot of uncertainty about serial numbers for T,T & H around this time.

They are much better from 200,000 - 400,000 - especialy as regards introduction of coating just post-war.

10-Apr-2013, 13:10
I bought a 4x5 wooden view camera off Ebay awhile ago and it had this lens on it. Anyone know how to tell the focal length? It isn't marked and appears to be around 170mm by comparison to other lenses I own. The serial# also dates it to sometime between 1914 and 1918 according to my google search.


Steven Tribe
11-Apr-2013, 02:55
I read the rim text as Cooke Kodak F6.3.
Cooke became a huge supplier of lenses to both the USA and the UK (APem companies). Partly because of quality - but also because of "difficulties" with Germany!
So the ex-Cooke described series II and III, were modified (speed and focal length) to the demands of purchasers of bulk lots (like Kodak).
I think this will cover more than 4x5".

11-Apr-2013, 05:00
Remember these shutters have serial numbers as well and there's lists of dates for them to. Kodak sourced lenses from a variety of companies and 170mm seems to be fairly unique to them. There was a similar 170mm Zeiss Kodak f6.3 Anastigmat, an a 170mm Bausch & Lomb Tessar.

These 170mm f6.3 lenses were designed for Postcard size 3"x5" negatives but should cover 7"x5" stopped down,there's also a Kodak anatigmat 170mm f7.7 which is a Dialyte.