View Full Version : loaded film holder pops out film? newbie question

Serge S
1-Apr-2013, 12:32
When I slide in my darkslide back in after exposing a sheet, my film pops out.

Is the holder at fault or am I not loading the holder properly (e.i. not getting the film under the groove channels in the holder. It's only happened a few times to date.



1-Apr-2013, 12:46
Hard to say, but a first step to solving the mystery is sacrifice a film sheet, and try to see exactly what’s happening in the daylight. Watch closely as you load the film, close the slide, open the slide, close the slide. I’d also test whether the problem is happening w/ just that holder, or w/ other holders too. Also, if you have two makes of holders, test both types. Put on your detective hat, break out the magnifying glass, and let us know what you discover.

Ed Bray
1-Apr-2013, 12:58
What size and make of holders?

1-Apr-2013, 13:00
You probably are not sliding the film under the retainers that run up each side.
See this from Paul Butzi: http://www.butzi.net/articles/imgs/insert.jpg

Paul Butzi has an excellent, illustrated page here: http://www.butzi.net/articles/filmload.htm


Peter Lewin
1-Apr-2013, 13:03
My guess is incorrect loading ... since exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday for the first time in 40 years or so! Since my Toyo holders have never given me a problem, I'm assuming I somehow missed the channel on one side but didn't notice it. My common sense says this is plausible, since when I load holders I only take the darkslides out part way, but when I photograph I take them out completely, and putting it back in, the slide must have snagged the film. I was actually going to resurrect the "stupid mistakes" thread but was too lazy, and here you are, giving me the perfect excuse to post! (Happily, the building I was photographing didn't move, so I muttered at myself, and then slid another holder into the camera...)

1-Apr-2013, 13:04
I'd have to go with incorrect loading too. Most likely when loading you've got one or both edges of the film into the darkslide grooves instead of the film grooves, so when you try and push the darkslide back in it pops the film out.

Colin Robertson
1-Apr-2013, 13:13
Incorrect loading. Did this last weekend- withdrew slide, couldn't get it back in after exposure. Pulled the DDS out of the camera and, sure enough, on one side I hadn't got the film 'in the track'. Practice sliding an exposed sheet into a holder in the light and you'll soon see how it can go wrong.

Serge S
1-Apr-2013, 13:17
Thank you for the quick feedback. The 4x5 holder was a fidelity elite which I purchased used but in good condition. Also the holder was stored in a cooler in a vertical position if that matters affecting the film bowing out? It was loaded in the camera vertically as we'll.
I try to be careful loading my holders as I've caught myself missing the channel a few times, but caught it in time.
I will try to recreate the error, just to be sure. Right now I still have a good exposed sheet on the verso side. So it will have to wait until I unload the good side.

Thanks a bunch for the help. This forum is so informative, I've learned everything from scratch from posts & articles.


1-Apr-2013, 13:23
There's a way to hold the holders when loading where you feel the film going under the guides. I got into this when shooting 8x10 where these kinds of mistakes are really costly. You can never assume the film is in its slot, you must feel it or murphy's law will show you why. Additionally, if you're feeling a lot of resistance, that can be because there is already a sheet there. The design of holders has stood the test of time and they can work for you when you've learned their requirements.

1-Apr-2013, 14:11
"... Already film in the holder ..."

:) That was my most recent. I had thought I had made all the mistakes, but it appears I am recycling old ones.

1-Apr-2013, 14:35
Yep. Film was mis-loaded.

After loading, lift the free edge with a finger nail. It should be held securely by both guides.

- Leigh

mike rosenlof
1-Apr-2013, 14:44
another vote for mis-loaded film. I've seen exactly the same thing early in my 8x10 adventure. I've started pulling the darkslide completely out of the holder before loading. I used to pull out only enough to find where the film slides in.