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31-Mar-2013, 12:16
I have the chance to get a fresnel with GG from Yanke for my 7x17". I have their fresnel for my 8x10" which is truly excellent, very bright and grain is smooth and easy to focus with, better than my Arca Swiss fresnel.

Question is, since the camera is much bigger, ULF size, is there any unwanted sideffects of using a fresnel this size? I use lenses from 305mm-750mm

Thanks !

31-Mar-2013, 20:54
wiggywag -

Did you say "you have a chance to get" a 7x17" fresnel? - is it ecbuyonline that sells Yanke fresnels? The last time I contacted them, maybe six or eight months ago, looking for a custom fresnel for my Sinar 8x10, the GG of which measures closer to 10x12 or something, they told me they couldn't provide one that large. Something about not having dies to cut material larger than 8x10, if I recall. I'd be interested to hear they can make larger ones now.

I did have one of these for my 4x5 though and I completely agree that the Yanke fresnel is an excellent product and well worth the money.

To your question about ULF and banquet formats, I have no experience...

1-Apr-2013, 01:11
Cletus, Yes, Ecbuyonline! He told me the fabric that make these are recovering, getting back to business. Im sure he can help you now. I have tried before to get fresnel this big but without luck, so this is new.

Lachlan 717
1-Apr-2013, 01:52
Please update us on how you go with this! (I'd also looked at this Seller's site for 7x17 fresnel ages ago).

2-Apr-2013, 03:15
I got a Yanke 5x7 fresnel from Rudy (ecbuyonline) and asked him about a 7x17 which he said yes (back in January). I'm perfectly happy with my gg from him, but I gave Steve Hopf's borosilicate screens a try instead. Prices were about the same, but a wee bit higher from Steve. Both Steve and Rudy are great to do business with. I also had Steve do a 4x5 and 8x10 which he cut me a great deal on.