View Full Version : Any experience on Porta Brace HK-2 Hiker Backpack Camera Case?

31-Mar-2013, 10:53

This camera backpack is huge. I was thinking of using it with my 7x17. Anybody tried it? Is it any good?

Peter Gomena
31-Mar-2013, 14:02
It weighs 10 pounds and costs $47/pound. Heavy and expensive.

C. D. Keth
31-Mar-2013, 14:07
No experience with that particular thing but portabrace bags are very well built. I know people with portabrace stuff 25 years old and it's still working well.

31-Mar-2013, 14:07
What he said.
Porta brace stuff is well made but there are many other options out there. Try to find a used sundog pack.

Joseph Dickerson
31-Mar-2013, 14:27
Before getting something that heavy and pricey you might want to look at the PhotoBackpacker web site.:cool:


Daniel Stone
31-Mar-2013, 14:30
Personally, I'd get myself a framed hiking/military-style "alice" pack and use the heavy duty(thick wall) bubble wrap to wrap the camera in. Or get a nice big padded "wrap" made, with some thick 1" open-cell foam made to wrap the camera in if you want a more "custom" option. Get something made with heavy duty water-wicking fabric, so you can sit on it if the ground's wet while you're waiting for the light to be right.


They're MADE to be worn for longer periods, and the internal frame is much stronger and durable IMO than these over-padded things from Lowepro and all them... Not to mention usually lighter weight-wise.

And cheaper :)


31-Mar-2013, 23:57
Many options out there. I have the Kelty RedWing 50 - http://www.kelty.com/p-652-redwing-50-2012.aspx?category=sale.

I use the photobackpacker camera cases, and some additional bits and pieces of closed cell foam. So, I can fit....

(2) 4x5 field cameras
(4) lenses
(20) 4x5 DS film holders
(1) D800 + maybe a second lens in a padded wrap
(2) SB800 flash units + pocketwizards
(1) carbon tripod
(2) lightweight light stands.


It's not that bad.