View Full Version : Surprised at a Brocant (Near Antiques) in Barjac

tom thomas
31-Mar-2013, 04:07
I drooled and felt chest pains when I saw this camera yesterday, March 30th, in Barjac, Gard, France. The seller wanted Euro 550 (abt $700) for it. I settled for a photo or two of it. It looked brand new, clear and clean lens, no dents or scrapes, has the film cartridge and a great looking case.
Down the way was a large format enlarger with Paris origins. No lens though but nice looking furniture. Sitting in pouring rain though for awhile so have to wonder.
Also saw this camera heaven display with items ranging from junk, thru Leica's (about $600 each), to LF, and even a Graflex with flash, case and accessories. It's in the right rear corner of the photo. Only had a Kodak 127mm on it though.
I'll attach two more photos in another post.

Steven Tribe
31-Mar-2013, 11:39
You forgot to mention the period Studio Stand/Camera - plus it's optics!

31-Mar-2013, 13:14

tom thomas
1-Apr-2013, 01:37
You forgot to mention the period Studio Stand/Camera - plus it's optics!

Sorry, didn't notice it as the Graflex with case and accessories caught my eye. The studio camera did deserve a closeup. Perhaps I'll see it today at an Brocant in Barbentan. Wish I had some spare cash for the aerial gun camera if I see it again. Oh Brocant is a step up from Vide Greniers (Attic Cleaning) street sale where one see's all kinds of "stuff." Brocant has some class, may include true antiques, like furniture. Fun to browse there but the dealers are smart enough to demand premium prices now, unlike at a Vide Greniers.

tom thomas
1-Apr-2013, 01:39
I couldn't post more than four photos. here are a couple more. The closeup is the studio enlarger that was sitting outside in the rain. I suppose the bellows was damp as it did pour on us after I took the photo.

1-Apr-2013, 02:25
nice found~

1-Apr-2013, 02:36
how much for that f24?

Steven Tribe
1-Apr-2013, 05:14
The lenses on the 13x18 and 18x24cm reisekameras look more interesting!

Andrew Plume
1-Apr-2013, 05:24

particularly the one that's second from the left


Andrew Plume
1-Apr-2013, 05:26
.............now I love France, full stop

but some of the Antique Camera dealers at Brocantes and Camera fairs, frequently look for fairly silly prices


tom thomas
1-Apr-2013, 07:59
I just googled the lens in the aerial gun camera. At Ebay, a slightly beat up lens by itself, item 111021437974, is BIN $699.00. Another still on the aerial camera back panel with the Aperture lever, BIN $899.00, item 290888356398. Do you hear me kicking myself, I could have had the entire camera in case for Eur 300. Oh well. I don't own a Spitfire or P51 to use it in. Perhaps its more modern and needs a B-52 Mod D.

At EBay they lenses were described as Aero Ektar f2.5 7 in 118mm. Looking closer at the photos they are 178mm, like the one in my photo. I'd thot it 118 but the middle 1 is slanted enough to see that it's a 7 for 178mm. The serial number appears to be EE76680. Can someone date the lens from the serial number. I seem to remember dating Graflex cameras from Kodak's serial number but don't remember what year EE is. Also the yellow dot means coated. Am I right?

tom thomas
1-Apr-2013, 08:11
You should have seen the box full of old barrel lenses on the table. Knowing I didn't have a camera for them, I regret now that I didn't browse a bit in the box.

tom thomas
1-Apr-2013, 08:16
the seller asked Euro 550 for the camera and case. I had him down to Euro 300 as I walked away. didn't have the cash.

Chauncey Walden
1-Apr-2013, 10:21
EE would be 1944. I don't know why these lenses have gotten so popular. I tried one 10 years ago and then gave it away.