View Full Version : Conley Safety 5x7

30-Mar-2013, 21:02
I have a conley safety 5x7 lens with the shutter and aperture blades both are damaged and someone attempted a repair or rather took it apart. For the most part it's still intact but one of the aperture blades are broke. Is there any way this can be repaired or would it even be worth it?

Mark Sawyer
31-Mar-2013, 11:51
Only if you ran across a second similar shutter, either for parts or as a direct replacement, which is a possibility. It's not a rare or expensive lens, but if you like it, it might be worth searching for one...

31-Mar-2013, 12:29
Thanks that's what I was thinking. The camera I have is hand built and only accepts this lens ( I think ). Also the one I have is in remarkable condition considering the age. Guess I will have to be on the look out on fleabay.

1-Apr-2013, 13:53
If the diaphragm works you might try a few shots with the 'hand-actuated shutter' to see how you like the lens. It does not have to be a good circle for a test shot or two. If the diaphragm is bad but the shutter works you might try a shot wide open. I have one with broken shutter leaves, but good diaphragm. I like it but only use it with slow film or low light. I will ask the repair guy in Pittsford if he can help you with or without parts from mine. Where are you located?