View Full Version : agfa scopix cr5b/kodak biomax mr

30-Mar-2013, 00:51
Hi guys,

I have gotten my hands on a box of 50 8x10 sheets of Agfa Scopix CR5B which I believe is a x-ray film and on 3 boxes of Kodak Biomax MR (not sure if this is usable film for "normal" photography, it is autoradiography film).

Does anyone know how these films need to be developped?


24-Jan-2016, 14:22
Hey Sander,

This is a stale thread, but I find myself in a similar situation. Did you have any success? I've got a box of 8x10" Biomax XAR I'm getting ready to test. The only other entry I found on this subject was a suggestion to expose at EI 50 and develop "normally".