View Full Version : Sinar DB Mount

Kevin J. Kolosky
29-Mar-2013, 16:49
Has anyone here completely taken apart a Sinar DB mount.

erie patsellis
30-Mar-2013, 07:12
What information do you need?

30-Mar-2013, 09:42
Yes, multiple times

Leonard Robertson
30-Mar-2013, 20:31
Here is a Sinar manual for DB lens mounts: http://www.image2output-support.com/downloads/sinar/View%20Camera%20Service%20Manuals/Lens%20Mounting.pdf It is a 214 page pdf file, so may take time to download. On page 174 is a diagram of the inside of a DB mount. There may be diagrams on other pages. I looked through the pages really quickly and page 174 is one that jumped out at me.