View Full Version : Century Universal 8x10 Universal Value?

29-Mar-2013, 13:30
Hi guys,

I'm a college student in the market for a lightweight-ish 8x10 camera. I know the lighter you get the more expensive it tends to be. I just found a Century Universal 8x10 listed in great condition. It seems like the owner is a photography professor and knows much about the item he is selling. Because of this mental security, many buyers are interested and its price has climbed to a little over $500 already. How much would you guys value this camera at? There are no accessories bundled with it. I wish I could access the classifieds already! :D



Peter York
29-Mar-2013, 13:33
I bought one for $750 about a decade ago with a short bellows, and another with a ratty bellows for $400 about four years ago. I think the price is good.