View Full Version : Kodak Super Pancro Press Film

Jeff Morfit
28-Mar-2013, 05:55
What is the ASA rating for Kodak Super Pancro Press Type B film? Tried looking on the web without success for an answer.

28-Mar-2013, 06:16
The ISO is 250. Here is the spec sheet from an old Kodak film guide.9218692187

Jeff Morfit
28-Mar-2013, 06:33
Thank you very much, R.J., and I thought that everything that we need to know can be found on the Web.

Mark Sampson
28-Mar-2013, 07:48
It's a fairly obscure film now, having been discontinued in about 1977. When I was a newbie at Kodak in the 1980s, I remember asking the old-timers there about SPP, but even they had never used it. (It was 4x5 Plus-X and Tri-X then)

Sal Santamaura
28-Mar-2013, 08:08
The 4x5 "proofs" of my late parents' wedding pictures are in a Super Panchro-Press, Type B film box. It's stamped with a February, 1953 expiration date. At that time, there was no "6146" designation. The box carries no numerical speed rating, despite ASA Z38.2.1-1943 having been introduced a decade earlier.

28-Mar-2013, 08:33
I have used Super Panchro-Press and if i remember right this film would get a picture no matter the exposure.... FOMA 200 is a good film to take its place....lots of latitude and dynamic range

29-Mar-2013, 07:15
Glad to help. Sometimes it pays to be an "old guy" (and a pack rat). I think that was the first LF film we were issued in photo school. Nice silver rich film along the lines of Super-XX and the dearly departed Bergger 200.