View Full Version : Anyone in Favor of a once a week "for Sale Day"

27-May-2004, 10:20
I am also a member of the Leica Forum.

On that forum Fridays are "for Sale Day"

People, not dealers, can list equip they want to sell or trade

This system works very well as an alternative to Auction sites.

Anyone think this would would be a good thing for our Large Format forum



Edward (Halifax,NS)
27-May-2004, 10:49
I don't like the idea.

Sal Santamaura
27-May-2004, 10:53
I remain opposed.

Doug Dolde
27-May-2004, 11:12
Why? Photonet has a classified section use that.

Michael Kadillak
27-May-2004, 11:13
There are numerous options for anyone to sell or purchase any type of photo equipment without being forced to auction sites. I see absolutely no redemming value in even considering it for this forum (although I am not a moderator and it is their decision) because all it would accomplish is a dilution to the primary objective of exchanging information about the art of large format photography. Enough said.........


David A. Goldfarb
27-May-2004, 11:23
And the Leica forum is a cluttered mess for all the things it allows. Best not to allow it here unless a separate forum could be set up.

27-May-2004, 11:42
There is already a gigantic and efficient tool for used photo goods, called EBay. There is no need for another; who wants to check two places instead of one?

27-May-2004, 13:14
No. As already mentioned there are other outlets to buy and sell photo gear. I'd prefer this forum remain commercial free.

Gem Singer
27-May-2004, 14:20
I seem to remember Tuan mentioning something about future plans for adding a separate section where equipment for sale or items wanted could be listed. As long as it's a separate section from this forum, I'm all for it.

Brian Ellis
27-May-2004, 14:43
If you want to sell something you have the rec.photo marketplace large format group, you have the photo.net large format classified ads, you have the large format section of e bay, you have the classified ads in the back of View Camera magazine, and probably other resources that don't immediately come to mind. This is and always has been a large format discussion group, not a commercial group, my personal preference is to keep it that way.

27-May-2004, 14:46
You never know until you ask


S. Wang
27-May-2004, 17:11
I vote NO!!!

Steve Hamley
27-May-2004, 18:53
No. Steve

27-May-2004, 21:08
For those who use **ay. They now have a dominant position in the market and are exacting increasingly high fees from users. The only antidote is competition. I am in favor of any reasonable alternative to the auction leviathan.

Christian Olivet
27-May-2004, 21:54
I really wouldn't mind. I rather buy or sell to a fellow photographer whose name is familiar to me. I don't think this would become a comercial site by allowing that. Anyway there seems to be a lot of people opposing to that idea, so be it.

28-May-2004, 02:57
I think as long as it was only for private sales: no commercial entities allowed (how you enforce that however, is problematic) I would, in principle, be in favour. But, I wonder if it would not open a hornet's nest of arguments as to what exactly *is* and is *not* a "private" sale; are adverts for auctions allowed; etc. etc. and give the moderators more work sorting out petty squabbles over such issues than they need in their lives.

On the other hand, the non-commercial nature of this forum is one of its major distinguishing features and I would be loath to lose that - even photo.net's relatively low-profile advertising leads to a different attitude on the forums there: not so much a community as simply a collection of people...

Mmmm.... this fence is rather uncomfortable.... OK - if push comes to shove, unless there is a clear preference, I would say keep it as it is: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".


31-Jan-2016, 20:58
Thanks for the information. I would like to know if there is a site that is similar to "Shutterbug Ads" which I subscribed to in the early seventies. I recently found out about photo-net and RK's new replacement, on this forum. Thank-you. Is there a listing of "For Sale sites" dealing in photo equipment/ Thanks, any info would be appreciated. I have not sold on E-bay although I have purchased.

Sirius Glass
31-Jan-2016, 21:07
No, I like the Classifieds the way they are.

Tim Meisburger
31-Jan-2016, 21:32
Once you have been a member here for 30 days you will be able to see the For Sale section. Since you singed up in December, that should be now. Just look at the forum page and go down the list and for sale should be near the bottom. If you have problems contact the moderators.

Ralph Barker
3-Feb-2016, 07:55
Note that BKP's question essentially resurrected a 2004 thread. Our FS/WTB sub-forum was started in 2008.

3-Feb-2016, 09:31
Note that BKP's question essentially resurrected a 2004 thread. Our FS/WTB sub-forum was started in 2008.

Whoa, a thread re-awoken after almost 12 years! If not a record it's got to be close.

Stephen Thomason
3-Feb-2016, 19:04
I vote no. The classified section of the forum is fine for me.

3-Feb-2016, 19:32
I read through the thread without noticing that it was old. It was nice and sad to see Brian Ellis' name. (Also, gave me a clue to look at the date.)

Oren Grad
3-Feb-2016, 20:12
Looks like we need to close this to avoid any more confusion - the FS/WTB section that we have today is, in effect, the response to this discussion from 2004.